Optimum Top of the Line Swimbaits 5 inch
Top of the Line Swimbaits 5 inch
The Top of the Line Swimbait from Optimum utilizes a highly effective rigging system that allows the hook to release from the back (TOP) giving anglers a direct connection to the fish while at the same time exposing the bait to minimal stress and battle damage. TOP OF THE LINE SWIMBAIT Top Hook Line Thru Optimums 5 BLT has been my go to swimbait for over three years now. With the addition of the Top Hook Line Thru I can now fish it in deeper water and either slow roll it on the bottom and have confidence it wont pick up all the trash. The kicker is that once I hook the fish I know it will stay hooked because it still slides up the line. - BASS Elite Angler, Fred Roumbanis
Sexy Shad 5 inch
Shad 5 inch
Sweet Tooth 5 inch
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