Duo Realis Pencil 110
Pencil 110
Our objective was a standard +In order to reduce the body weight, it has a thin-walled body with a simple rear positioned weight. By embedding a sphere at the face of the lure, it improves the action of the lure, allowing easy "dog walking" action for any angler. Casting performance The design of the body form and positioning of the tail hook-eye, reduces the air resistance allowing a stable flight posture. This results in greater casting distance without being affected by wind or casting styles. Action performance With its swing design, it stages a brisk and compact dog-walking action. Splash & diving action By retrieving the line slag stronger than usual when the lure reaches the highest point during the dog-walking, the lure splashes the water forward while diving. Two knock rattle system By the moving weight hitting the secured hard spherical weight in the tail section, it creates a high pitch clicking sound. This appeals to the bass in various water qualities from muddy to clear.
Ghost Minnow 4.3 inch- 3/4 oz
Neo Pearl 4.3 inch- 3/4 oz
Prism Smelt 4.3 inch- 3/4 oz
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