Yamamoto Kut Tail Worm 4 inch
Kut Tail Worm 4 inch
The 4 inch Kut Tail worm is used today as a drop shot worm. But, the tale of the Kut Tail's creation is an interesting history. Over twenty years, says Gary Yamamoto, our 6" curly tail worms were made with different body and tail colors. A coloration sometimes called a "fire tip" tail, says Gary. We were in Japan fishing on Lake Kawaguchi in winter time. We found the fish were cold and lethargic and did not want a full tail that wiggles on their worms. So we progressively cut back the wiggling curly tail worm until the tail resembled what you see today. We had to give the bass a lure that mimicked the lack of action they desired in winter. That summer, it was also discovered that the do-nothing nature of the Kut Tail worked on listless bass during the sweltering "dog days" of summer as well. It essentially became what is called a "do-nothing" lure, says Gary.
#42 W/SM Gold, Lg Blk-323 4 inch
Green Pumpkin/Black Flk-297 4 inch
Watermelon/ Black & Red-208 4 inch
Watermelon W/Black Flk-194J 4 inch
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